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CORAR Comments Submitted to The NNSA’s Office of Global Threat Reduction (GTRI) “Call for Input Form”

The Council on Radionuclides and Radiopharmaceuticals (CORAR) provides the following 
comments and recommendations to the Department of Energy in support of the implementation 
of the American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2012 (AMIPA). 
CORAR members are committed to working with all U.S. and international stakeholders to 
ensure a reliable, sufficient and sustainable supply of medical radioisotopes from non-HEU 
production sources, in particular due to nonproliferation and nuclear security risks arising from 
potential theft or diversion of highly enriched uranium (HEU) targets to unauthorized uses. At 
the same time, CORAR believes that efforts to promote the use of non-HEU produced 
molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) must be closely monitored to ensure that U.S. patients are not 
adversely impacted either by (1) supply shortages due to inadequate or unreliable supply sources, 
or (2) insufficient reimbursement for higher cost non-HEU Mo-99 including low enriched 
uranium (LEU).

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